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Cool , so this is the first REAL blog (that other one didn't count, but i thought i'd keep it there just for the record). I just got in from a run... finally got off my lazy lard. But it was a short run.. so I'm not happy. Played soccer today against the weeds and won (yipee!).
Not a lot going on right now.. pretty excited for Jazz's place tomorrow (i guess it's today now). Even more excited for Wonderland with Aime on Wed. and AFI concert with her on Thurs. Lotsa fun stuff coming up. Plus Canada Day tomorrow (or today).. probably spend the day with Lloyd cuz Aime's working. Ooo yeah, speaking of work, i have a job interview for Independant on Saturday! I dunno if i will get it.. that lady sounded pissed when i had to reschedule the interview cuz of the concert on Thurs... but thats okay. If I get it, i can get my motorbike soon!!
Yesh, ladies and gents... Leah Schmidt wants a motorbike, so DON'T steal my plan!! But here's why i want one:

1. They are cheaper to buy, run, and insure.

2. I can get my M1 and M2 before i'll ever get my G1 at this rate... (still havent gotten it.. this is getting ridiculous!!) You can be riding with your M2 within 60-90 days, and riding temporarily as soon as you take the written test, which is amazing!

3. They are SO cool!! And i can hang with the old biker dudes at Timmy Ho's!
(jk about that part.... well... you never know... )

So yeah, it's gonna be amazing!! If i see any of you punks on a bike and stealing my idea... i'm gonna have to pummel you... But now i'm looking for a bike to buy... assuming i get a job soon.
I'm still taking meds for my sickness (pennecillin or whatever for some throat thing.. i think it was strep). Hmm.. besides that.. life is pretty boring. Had a family reunion.. good times... not. The best part was whipping the pants off my relatives (figuratively.. eww) in the games with T. Yep.. my family reunion had games... even prizes. Oh, the other best part was when the little shits couldn't break the piniata.. so i got called in there, blew the thing away, and fed the children their candy.. it was my great moment.
Speaking of parties, my dad told me i can have another one this summer.. i'm not sure when the best time would be yet.. but i guess i can figure that out later.
Anywho.. this is getting to be quite long... and i haven't even touched on all of my psychological issues yet!! i guess that will have to wait until some later, very interesting, blog. Until then, stay tuned! (who the hell am i talking to? no one even knows i have a blog yet... maybe someone out there knows... i guess i better keep it interesting just in case... i should stop talking to myself now, even though i am only really writing this for myself.. okay *smack* thats enough, save the schitzo for the phsychological issue).

Ta ta


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