Full Circle




I have soo much to write about... so im just gonna make it short

Wonderland was wicked, we went on the bungee thing and the go carts were really fun.
The AFI concert was SOOO amazing.. i can't even say how awesome it was. Lloyd couldnt go, but me and aime got to the very front (by fighting our way through the mosh pit and shoving ppl away). We were like a meter away from AFI, it was amazing! And the lead guitar guy pointed at aime.. which was awesome! But the highlight for me was when i punched a girl in the face and told her to fuck off cuz she was climbing on top of Aime and trampling her. It was crazy, we had to fight off so many ppl but it was well worth it. And the few coolers in each of us helped a bit in the nerve department.

Now to the bad news...
My mom sold her house today, i just found out. I just can't have a good time without being bitten in the ass, can i? I guess this means I will be living with my dad.. cuz i can't leave all of my friends here... but it's gonna suck cuz i've had my mom all my life, 16 years.. and now she will be gone in september. I can't feel at home anywhere else but where she is, cuz she's always been there for me. And now i have to put up with my dad and franklin 24/7. So, i'm probably gonna become one of those messed up kids.. but thats ok. I just hope it doesnt screw up my life TOO much.

In light of these new-found frustrations (combined with the fact that my dad will be gone all weekend), i have decided to be a bad seed and have a house party with my sis tonight. So hopefully ppl can come, and not puke everywhere, and hopefully the cops don't bust it. But it should be fun... my ppl can help me let out my tension.

Anyways, i guess that's about it for now.


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