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Well well... it's 5:46 AM


As you have probably already gathered, it's 5:46 AM.. well, now it's 5:47 AM. You may be wondering why I am up at such an hour. Well... I just woke up and I can't get back to sleep (actually, I can but I won't let myself because I know i will wake up late if I do, cuz im too lazy to find an alarm clock. Also, I'm surprisingly not tired after only about 3 hours of sleep). I work sometime today... but I can't remember when I start cuz I'm at my Dad's house and my schedule is at home. I'm far too lazy to walk all the way there to check it, so I am waiting till a reasonable hour to wake my Dad up to drive me (without waiting past the time when I could be should be going to work). So this is my predicament...
Anyways.. kinda left you hanging before with that last blog. I guess I should really fill you ina bout what has happened between now and then. But It's early and I don't want to... so I guess I can just give you the short version. Well, I got the job at Independant, as you probably know. My Mom is moving, but to some house that sounds kickass for future parties in the boonies around Brighton (so I can live there when I get sick of living here at my Dad's and still get a bus in to school). She gets the house on Sept.12th. Went to a few of Britt's parties since the last blog.. both of which were wicked. I'm not even going to try to remember all that happened there, but I assure you they were great fun. Oh yeah, how could i forget camping with Aime, Lloyd and Ray? Hahaha, good times. That was Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week. Man, it was great, my tarp was the best (and it came in handy when the thunder and lightening downpour began... and you guys thought I was an idiot..geeze). The the 'hot' guys in "the hole", that's a whole long story that I am way to lazy to write, but my girls know what I'm talking about (eh 'GAP' and 'tropical'? This is comin from 'red shorts'). Oh yeah, I think my and Lloyd saw 'whitey' drive by us the other day... but I'm not sure...
Hmmm... what else can I tell you about.. now it's 6:02 AM.. I can wake Dad up at 7 i guess.. cause I could start work at 8. What else did I do lately... hmm me and Lloyd saw Bad Boys 2.. our prayers were answered (sort of) that day b4 the movie (insider), but not 'cause it was a great show or anything..it was long and repetative.. but what can you do? When the movie is 2 1/2 hours long, they are bound to run out of material.
I'm writing on the new computer my Dad finally got. No more dial-up either. My Dad found out that they do get high-speed in the area after all, but it's on cable... so that's what I got, baby. Oh yeah, that reminds me.. I'm asking my Dad for a party this week.. well technically I asked him when I can have my next one. I'm not so sure it's gonna happen this week, kiddies, 'cause my Dad said "We have to talk about it" which usually means "Jamie has to tell me what to do". And in light of a current theivery situation, involving some of T's scumbag friends taking a necklace of Jamie's while they were away, I think she may be hesitant to let a bunch of drunken teenagers in the house (even if they are my innocent [in this case]) friends. I could be wrong though.. she IS quite eager to gain my approval and I have been sucking up massive (eww, don't even think about going literal here...). So we'll see, children, be patient. But my prediction is sometime next week.
Gotta waste more time.. maybe I'll try to figure out how to change the look of my blog..haven't gotten around to that yet.
Well, I'll write later on, kiddies. Ta ta for now!


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