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Wow! People read my blog!

Okay, so I'm going to break my rule and write a happy blog.

I guess I can expand a little (or a lot) on what's going on over here in Virginia.
My typical weekday:

  • wake up and have breakfast with Rich before he goes to work
  • watch a movie or go online until the coffee wears off
  • sleep to a ridiculous hour
  • go for a walk/ work out (which is a bitch because of my knee... it hurts whenever I try to run)
  • paint (I bought all the stuff) or draw or read
  • bake something (muffins/cake/brownies)... I always time it so that it will be ready right when Rich comes home
(I can hear it now... "aww!"...)
  • go shopping/swim/walk
  • make dinner together
  • watch a movie
  • sleep
[okay, so there are a few things I left out... ;)]

That's my weekday. It's a relaxing pace... I love it. I don't have to do anything... but there are things for me to do if I want to. It's just what I need. I always used to complain about not having any time to simply do nothing. This is perfect for the summer before I go off to school and have the busiest time of my life.

The weekend could be anything from hiking, to going to the zoo, to visiting museums (when we stayed in Washington), to shopping, or (coming up) travelling to Ohio to visit 'the best' rollercoaster park ever.

Umm what else? I got my hair cut. It's a bit shorter.. but not short at all.. kind of like how I always cut my hair.. anyone remember grade 7/8 (Aime)?

My mom also came up for a visit with Rob, which went smoothly. I showed her Oldtown (a part of Alexandria that has a lot of history crap [George Washington's barber lived here.. yadda yadda..] and shops and stuff) and the mall. Then when Rich came home from work we went out for dinner at this nice place called 'Clyde's'. We walked back and played cards. Rob and Rich did most of the talking... I just felt too weird with two sides of my life coming together so I never really could think of anything to say... and Mom and I kept smirking at each other.. lol.

Umm.. so I've been telling people that this summer is like detox for me. No drinking, no smoking, not even coffee until recently. Clean living. Well, that's been broken.. a little.. but still in a conservative manner. This past weekend and the weekend before we've been 'experimenting' with alcohol, meeting the 'drunken eachother'. For the most part, it's been a riot... really strange to see him drunk haha... and right now I'd say we are pretty even with drinking ability (though he says his tolerance will go up quickly since he hasn't drank for something crazy like half a year or something).

Rich's birthday is coming up on August 31. He turns 24 (gasp). I'm excited for that day.. but I'm also dreading it because I have to leave the next morning. He hates that he has to work and can't see me off at the airport. I guess leaving in the morning with me there and then coming home from work to an empty apartment is pretty rough on him. We won't have to go very long without seeing each other, though. He's coming to visit me on the weekend of September 16th at McMaster (which means we have to talk, Jasmine :P). After that he's coming on the weekend of October 7th, but we will be in Trenton for my family reunion... so I guess he can meet anyone who might *happen* to be home for that weekend (ahem). Still it's gonna be hard to go from waiting a few hours every day for him to come home from work to waiting a few weeks for him to fly up and see me. I guess we still have the phone and internet like before... but it isn't the same anymore.
(can you see in the dark?)
For those of you wondering if Rich is treating me well, without getting too mushy I'll say that he is treating me excellently... better than I'll ever believe I deserve to be treated (no matter how hard he tries to convince me). He's just.. the best. What can I say? I love him... and we both know (from our long distance situation) that it's what upstairs that counts to the other. Sure, it would be 'ideal' if I was with someone closer to my age, or someone from around where I live.. hell, even from the same country... but I know that I'll never find another like him. I truly believe that he makes me happier than anyone else could, and I know he'd do anything to keep it that way. The only thing that worries me is whether or not I can do the same for him...

Enough, enough!! Do you see how I've changed?! Even I don't want to listen to myself go on and on like that... but it's true. Now you know why I don't do happy blogs...

I'm very happy here... and I'm very excited for school. I'm just a happy girl now...

...don't you wanna smack me? :P


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