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Yeah Yeah.. it's been a long time. I know. The motivation for this blog, as with many many others, is Jasmine.. so this one's for you!
Well, I've been pretty busy lately.. the summer has really picked up. I no longer work on cash, but am the salad girl in produce. You know that ice bar you see in the produce section as soon as you walk in the store? That's right.. THATS ALL ME BABY! I'm starting to get the hang of the job.. but I have to work from 8-12 EVERY STINKING DAY. Good for hours/bad for sleep pattern. I have been devising a sleep strategy so that I can still go out at night without being completely drained in the morning. So far this is what I've got: sleep 4-5 hours at night, sleep 5-6 hours during the day. It seems to be working out alright.. but I still have to get used to it. Also, I have the problem of showing up at work still buzzed and trying not to amputate any limbs with my huge watermelon/ninja-style knife. Oh well.. we must make certain sacrifices, right?
The newest development in LeahLand is the disappearance of Tammy.. my dog.. the ugly one. I guess someone left the screen door open today, thus the reason for my being rudely awakened from my day-time nap by Dad. I shook the sleep off and went for a stroll to find her. It was like an impossible Where's Waldo.. don't you hate it when you can't find one of those damn objects? Fortunately, I had a fresh pack of colts to accompany me on my quest. So I searched all the back streets, and no Tammy.. so I'm thinking she either got picked up, or decided to jorney down highway 2 (a scary thought). If anyone spots an ugly, curly dog.. would you please pick it up? I'll try and get a pic up asap.. but if its ugly, and curly, its probably her.
This will an especially exciting blog. Ladies and gentlemen, finally the mystery will be solved.. judge for yourself. I know you have all been waiting for it.. and I can't think of an introduction great enough for this revelation... so, without further adieu.. feast your eyes on FRANKLIN vs. FRANKLIN!!!!!! Please get back to me on this one.. email me or something if you have a moment(hey_leah@hotmail.com, if by chance anyone is reading this who doesn't know my email..).  Be frank (pun intended), I just have to know what you think! Well, thats just about too much excitement for one blog. Have a good day.

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Blogger -- said...

HOLY SHIT I NEVER SAW THE RESEMBLANCE BEFORE! I really never really knew what you were talking about but I now see that the resemblance is uncanny. incredible leah, you are a genius.

Blogger Aimé said...

leah, that is amazing!
I love thee!


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