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Chemical Warfare

Well it's another weeknight and this is another blog. Things are going alright these days. I got a new bike which is pretty cool for OAP.. got to test it out today and it was sweet. Not bad for $40 at a yard sale, props to dad. Our religion presentation went reasonably well, the sacred pudding-eating contest was predictably won by Dan. I finally got a book for our gym project. The athlete I have chosen should make this an interesting, if not controversial, presentation in a catholic school. But that is a surprise for later.
Man, it's been awhile since I have come up with any new theories.. I'm going to have to work on that... HOLY CRAP! I haven't blogged about the chemical warfare that has been going on at the Schmidt house! Well well, this is quite the crazy twist in the story. Franklin was in the house about a month ago to collect her shit, it was the day before we left for Survival Canada camping in Havlock. Well we had to kick her out for about an hour so that I could pack my crap for our trip. When we came into the house, we could smell a distict chemical scent.. I've never smelled it before, but it sure didn't smell healthy or natural. It seemed to cling to the back of my mouth. I went into the house completely and 100% healthy, but by the time the hour was up, my throat was killing me. By the next day, I was coughing and sneezing with a runny nose and hardly a voice at all. Now, I guess it is important to note that I am not usually one prone to sickness.. but this stuck with me for about three weeks before I was fully recovered. I only began to see signs of improvement after my dad vacuumed out the furnace and vents, during which event I could smell that same chemical scent. Even now the linen closet upstairs still smells the same. And now I am sick again :(. I was healthy for only about a week, conveniently the week when I gave blood. My dad thought I might have allergies, but I never have had them in my life. T is experienceing the exact same symptoms as me.. at the exact same time.. which seems a bit fishy. Also, my dad's allergy medicine didn't work when I took it. Thinking back, my dad said that he would oftentimes feel unusually sick when Frank was still around.. which gives this situation mega creepy-potential. Then I remembered that right after Franklin left the house and we moved back in, I got the first nose-bleed of my life. My dad told me that he had been getting them as well. SO.. I came to the conclusion (or theory, if you will) that Franklin has been poisoning us. And don't ever for a second put it past her, because she is psycho.. VERY scarily unstable. Have I blogged about her psycho letter? Well I'll do it later if I haven't.. time for bed!


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