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I wish I wrote poetry

.. there are some times when you simply wish you wrote poetry.. when you feel an emotion that you wish you could express, partly because you need to get it outside of you so that you can turn it around and examine it and at last figure out what it is that you are feeling, and partly because you want to grasp this emotional inspiration before it slips away into the mindless abyss of forgetfulness and lack of curiosity. You know that if you could only harness this feeling, you could create great and meaningful things with it. It's like having a fantastic dream that you want to clutch tightly in memory for the rest of your life, but before you can figure out where to start remembering, details and images become blurred and obscure. I wish I could come up with words to forever capture what I am experiencing.. capture it so perfectly that perhaps others could come up to me and say "I know exactly what you mean" and really know exactly what I mean. I'm sure a true poet never has this problem.. perhaps that is in fact the definition of a true poet: one who never has trouble expressing their emotion to such an infinite precision as to accurately trigger that same emotion in his audience.
Maybe I have high expectations.. no one can really accomplish this. I don't even know what I'm babbling on about.. does anyone know exactly how I feel? Didn't think so.. but you can't blame me.. I have been without any real social contact for one week (or so I should have been).. and I have been without any real emotional contact for quite some time.. maybe my whole life? I hope not.


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