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I HAVE A HUGE FUCKING HEADACHE!!! ok, now that we have that little morsel of information out of the way...

I just woke up.. when i got to my dad's after school, by means of excruciating journey on foot through the unearthly cold, i completely passed out.. i need more sleep. Goin to the basketball game tonight.. decided at the last minute after 4th period.. sorry Hil, i ditched the bus.. but that doesnt mean u won the race!! Whoa, I have a cellphone now! My mom gave me hers.. so I'm just like "ok". I suppose you want the number.. don't you? of course not... god, u won't even fake it just to make me feel loved? FOR FUCK SAKES, JUST TAKE IT! ok, im done that small outburst. The number is 242-3490. I don't have to worry about people calling too much.. i know this.. but hey, if ur feeling down and want to chat.. I'm waiting for your call! (if the phone is on).
That phone like saved my life the day after i got it too... huge coincidence. Yesterday when my sister and I got off the bus, we couldnt get into our house cuz our door was frozen shut.. not even Mr.Handyman neighbour could open it.. and hes a fucking handiman (not handy for fucking... but fucking handy). Ahah, handy is such a great word. Anywho, I called my mom and shit.. i guess the phone didn't REALLY save our lives cuz we went into our neighbour's house... super akward, but then fun, they have 4 kids under like 11... but the phone was really handy. There's that word again! So yup, now i have a key for the garage door incase you were concerned about how i got in today.. which i didn't cuz i'm at my dad's house anyways remember?
Ahh.. exams are coming.. like a trainwreck waiting to happen... actually, it isnt that bad.. i know i will do ok.. and i honestly don't mind the actual taking of the exams, i just hate the studying cuz i know i will put it off (as i am doing now) and it will just suck. But other than that.. just want them outta the way so we can have our 3 days off and do THE PLAN!!!!! wow, we have been planning the plan for a very long time now, dont you plan?- i mean, think? haha, that made no sense at all.. but thats ok... livin life on the edge over here in Leah's blog, better watch out! surprises around every corner.. like this!


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