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wow, 2 blogs in one day... my life is sad. I'm sitting here bored as fuck, watching the leafs game.. which isn't really worth watching at the moment: 3-1 for Boston. I just realized that the quality of my life rises and falls with the success of the leafs.. isn't that sad? When they were on their winning streak, I was on such a high.. everything was just going great. Now that they have gone to shit, things are starting to suck... Fuck, why can't they just win again? I want to be happy. Some new years day I've had. I woke up, Aime left, I blogged (more like bitched), then went to bed agin til 7:30. And here I am sitting on my ass watching the game and blogging again. I can only assume that everyone else is out living more exciting lives because no one else has blogged in such a long time. Meanwhile, here I am, 2nd blog of the day... and I'm the person who never blogs... ever. ahh well, goin to watch the game.. hopefully luck turns.


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