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It's me again. Yeah yeah, i know you're all going "oh no, not HER again!".. wait, you came to my blog.. so you're asking for it. And I'll give it to you.. if you are offended or bored with anything I say, ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!! MUA HAHAHAHAHA! (Aime, haha, mua hahahahahaaaaaa..aa..aa..a)
Anywho, I'm hungry and I want PB o T w H (<--- not a type-o). I have to work today.. which sucks so much ass it chokes! Hey, you know what else? People have to blog more.. I know im a huge hypocrit when i say that, and its like way annoying for me to tell you that, but blogging is addictive and it sucks when you blog yourself and no ones else has.. so you have nothing to read and you feel like a huge loser being the only one to blog, like you are wrongly assuming that anyone wants to hear you bitch about your stupid, pathetic life (Aime, haha, that no one cares about!) and then I start going insane and see images of peoples heads circling around me and they scream at me "SHUT THE HELL UP, I DONT WANT TO HEAR YOU BITCH ABOUT YOUR STUPID PATHETIC LIFE!".... so in other words.. people should blog more.
Hmm.. what else can I talk about.. OH YEAH! My blog breakthrough which you have probably already noticed unless your hearing aid isnt cranked up enough.. or you have some other foreign substance lodged in your ear... the music baby! I think everyone should know what song it is.. and if you don't: GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BLOG, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE YOU MUSICAL DEGENERATE!!! Wait! I didn't mean that.. come back! Please! Hello?
Wow.. I really have to start paying attention to hockey.. I have no freaking- wait, this is MY blog.. I can say what I want- I have no FUCKING clue what is going on in the NHL right now, which is bullshit. From now on, nothing is getting in the way of that... unless evil aliens destroy all the TV's and radios and computers and newspapers and any other means of communication.. SHIT! I'm giving them ideas!
Ummm.. okay, well I'm just going on about nothing soo.. I have to go over there now... << >>



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