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And I'm Back...

Well, it's been another LONG gap between blogs and I promised Aime I would blog like forever ago so.. here you go Aime! I officially dedicate this blog to you (by the way, if I made a list of the 100 things that I love.. which I won't because I am way too lazy.. one of my items would definetely be the fact that I am on your top 100 list)! Anywho it's dedicated to you, babe. Probably no one else is interested anyways so it's all yours! =P
Ugh, I do like blogging, I really do. The problem is lack of time. I have no time at all. No time to wipe my own ass... yes, it's true.. I hire specially bred and trained monkeys to wipe my ass. But seriously, I would rather use blogging time to either sleep, do homework so that I can get some sleep, or go for a run so that I don't choke and/or suffocate on my fat while I sleep, therefore disturbing my rest. It's 12:01 am right now.. I have to blog at freaking 12:01!! I just finished some homework and I still have to get up early in the morning to do more. Really, I'm surprised I'm not like losing my hair or something (well, me and Jasmine [sorry, Jasmine AND I] do have to have our daily her-picking-the-hair-off-my-sweater sessions). I am so deprived of time between school, mounds of homework, work and sports.. stresses me out. And though all of this poops me out, it doesn't get me in shape (besides sports.. but that doesn't make a significant difference). I will be practically living in a bathing suit in Costa Rica.. and I don't want to look like some beached whale. So now I've been getting back into running hardcore again. Gotta work on the diet too.. no diet pills for me though..
Hmm.. what else is going on.. got the outfit for semi all planned out.. I can't wait! It is gonna be the best thing ever.... including sliced bread... and I'm not the type to get excited over stuff like this! Truely deserving of the title "Scrumptious"... maybe even "Scrump-diddly-umptious"! But I'm not giving out any details, sorry. Guess you all (probably just Aime reading..) have to go the semi to see my outfit.. I promise a good show (not like that.. sickos.. Aime...).
Umm.... oh yeah! Hockey is amazing, even though my amount of suckiness at it is also amazing. But it is so much fun, I don't even care. Lloyd will be playing net. It will be so awesome.. ugh, can't wait!
Hmm.. what else is going on in Leah Land... gotta get drunk sometime forsure.. its been.. what.. a week and a half? Much too long.. gotta let lose some of this tension. So I guess it's either alcoholism or I take up kickboxing.. which I have been wanting to do for quite some time. Maybe I can do both... at the same time if I can't schedule both in.. drunken kickboxing.. mm.. best sport ever.
Well, I can feel my eyes slowly going mongee.. this lack of sleep is totally homogenous. I think all of my readers should be able to understand that last sentence.. if you can't, then I guess I have a bigger audience than expected. Huzzah! Karate chop! Scrumptious! Shazzam! Bizatch! Chachie! El Snapo!

Well.. that's all for now folks! I'm off to bed.. sweet dreams you sleeping bastards.. all snug in your beds.. I sneer at you all in comtempt.. I hope you fall out of bed and flounder about blindly in the dark on the ground, searching for your pillow only to later give up and have to spend the rest of the night in restless, uncomfortable, broken fits of sleep! Ok FINE, maybe I don't wish that.. but I wish i wished that...

OK, now I'm really going.. you are depriving me of my beauty sleep.. I'm gonna show up looking like Enrique tomorrow..

Blog ya later


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