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Wow, its been a long time since the last blog...

Ok, everyone has been bugging me to blog, so i guess i should.. Im on the rugby team now, good times all around. my mom moved today to brighton, its a cool house, just weird and isolated.. so i guess im gonna stay here (my dad's) sometimes. Dance tonight was pretty good for st.paul's, good turnout, made a new dance with lloyd.. aimes doin a wicked job!! oh, speaking of aime and jobs.. aimes mom is working with my mom now, so i guess we cant lie anymore.. unless we both tell them the same thing. ugh, im so tired and sore today. ran cross country and came in 17th right behind jen who got 16th. thats pretty good for me, considering the fact that she could kick my ass last year and the fact that i had rugby last night and was sore. so i was waiting for my dad to get there and we got bored so i ran the senior boys' race too. 12km in total today! i beat one fat guy, came 71st, but we also gave them a head start and i didnt wanna make them feel bad ;). so now i'm sitting here bored and tired. i guess im done now.


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