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Bladin' Beauties

Well, Lloyd and I were bladin' tonight for about an hour and a half after watching Johnny English (shittiest movie ever) in Belleville. Bladin' was pretty good, we saw Jazz and chatted her up for a bit. At the movie, Lloyd dropped her drink.. that was the funniest part of the excursion.. except maybe the old man in the back coughing... Now I'm at her place waitin for someone cool to come on.. just chillin out and watching tv.. good times. Im probably going to the mall with Aime tomorrow.. was supposed to today but T didn't tell me to call Aime back till like 5 hours after she called... so we rescheduled. It should be good cuz i actually have miney to spend now. Nothin else really going on... I guess I'll blog again later on.


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