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It's That Time Again

Blogging time I mean.. don't get sick on me here people. Ug, i had work today.. I hate work... I either want to win the lottery or become a bum. Why spend your life working towards being happy if you're not happy while you work? It doesn't matter how rich you were after you die.. being rich doesn't mean you lived a full life.. especially if you were too busy working to really experience life. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather be rich than not rich.. but work really sucks.
That makes me think about something else. You know how they say "live your life like this day is you last" or whatever the hell they say, i don't pay enough attention... But anyways, people do actually say that, I'm not lying. OK, but if people actually lived like they would be dead tomorrow, nothing would get done. No one would care about their marks or their jobs.. it would be anarchy! People running around (probably naked) killing other people and stealing shit... society would cease to function. Like honestly, if you thought you were going to die tomorrow, would you go to work or school? Would you care about punishment for your actions? Would you care about getting fat or the consequences of drugs or performing stupid, dangerous acts? The fact is, society relies on people believing they will be around for a long time, or else no one would care enough to sustain it.. it just goes to show how selfish people are (or how selfish I am for assuming that no one would be concerned about what would come of the world as long as they weren't in it). So, you can't live your life like you will die tomorrow, or you probably will end up dead.. which is kind of ironic. So the next time someone says that to me, I'm gonna tell them to shut the fuck up and mind their own goddamn business before I rip their hair out and strangle them with it.
This makes me think about something I have thought about for a really long time: What would be the best way to die? Everyone has to do it eventually, there's no escaping it. So if you had to choose how you would die, what would you pick? I have been thinking about this for awhile, and I think I have come up with the best way to die. I call it "A Week to Live" First, you find out that you have some sort of terminal disease, and the doctors can predict that you have exactly one week to live. And I'm not talking about cancer or one of those crappy diseases where you get all tired and stuff.. that would be no fun.. maybe some sort of disease that gives you a lot of energy or something would be best. But anyways.. you know you have a week to live and you aren't bed-ridden. Now the fun begins..
You can do anything you want now! And who the hell cares about consequences?! Take some speed and go on a rampage! Steal from people, eat tons of chocolate, run to the front of every line-up going "OUTTA MY WAY! WEEK TO LIVE!" It's a bonus if your disease in contagious.. no one would stand in your wayNo traffic jams, no waiting, just pure rampaging, diseased, care-free fun! You can go around naked if you want, why should you care? You have a week to live! Always wanted to kill that annoying person? Go ahead! Week to live! Everything and anything you ever wanted to do! Not enough money? You have two options: #1 steal the money #2 get in contact with the 'Make A Wish' Foundation! Take complete advantage of your situation; the world is at your feet! The worst thing that can happen is you embarrass your family.. but what do you care? You will be gone soon anyway. The only thing you have to worry about is the cops.. but worse comes to worse, you end up in jail for a week (or whatever is left of it). And jail isn't that bad either! Don't you want to spend at least a week of your life in jail? I do, I think it would be fun, like being stuck in an elevator for hours on end with a bunch of people... thats another thing I want to do before I die. Come on now, don't get all full of pride on me now, remember what I said about spending your life without really living it? But anyways.. back to 'Week To Live'.
I know what you are asking.. what if you get caught by the cops and the doctors were wrong.. you do, in fact, have a long life ahead of you... one that will be spent in prison. Wouldn't that suck? You begin to think this 'Week To Live' idea isn't all that it was cracked up to be... Well LIGHTEN UP MY FRIEND! YOU CAN PLEAD INSANITY!! Thats the best part! All of your crimes can be blamed on insanity and, as a bonus, you can sue the doctors! Who wouldnt go insane if they were told they had a week to live? Its like the doctors are giving you permission to go on a rampage! So, in the end, you get the best of both worlds: you get to spend an amazing week where the sky is the limit, AND (if the doctors are wrong) you get to live! (with some extra money from suing the doctors!)
So thats how I want to die, it's the best I could come up with.. it would also be really good if someone else had a week to live, so we could be partners in crime.. it wouldn't be as much fun alone. oh yeah, and if the cops never end up catching me, the grand finale (like 10 second before I'm gonna die of that mysterious disease) I jump off the top of the CN Tower. First of all, you have to go out with a bang. If you can't gain recognition through truely noble and prestigious acts, you might as well become the famous 'person who jumped off the CN Tower!' Secondly, I wouldn't want to waste my death just dying in a bed or anything, you might as well have a good thrill on the way out. I think it would be so much fun to jump off the CN Tower.. not to mention painless because you would pass out by the time you hit the ground! It's perfect!
But anyways.. enough of my eccentric ramblings... I'm probably scaring the hell out of all of you... I'm gonna go get a life now..


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