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The Twin Theory

And I'm back. I'm a fucking blog-aholic. Tired of me yet?
Anywho, the plan is supposed to take place today, since it couldn't on new years, eh ladies? Looking forward to that if it actually goes down! Should call for some good times... some interesting times as well... come one come all! Just talk to me if you have nothing to do tonight and are up for a good time...
Well, I've been living in my pj's, its been awhile since I've done that... it's actually kindof nice. In the last 32 hours, I've had about 24 hours' sleep. Isn't that nuts? Oh well, I had a lot of rest to catch up on. Wow, my blogs are actually becoming semi-normal accounts of my daily life.. I don't like it.. perhaps this calls for an explanation of one of my insane theories. So I bring you: The Twin Theory. (if you are expecting an account involving breasts, I'm sorry to disappoint you.. but I suggest you try playboy.com)

Alright, you know identical twins... how they have the exact same DNA, yet they show certain differences... physical or mental such as taste in food or athletic ability. Well, I have a theory that these differences are the result of different environmental conditions experienced by each twin. It is my belief that if both twins, from the point of conception, were placed under the EXACT same conditions, both would be completely identical. I will go even further to say that, if exposed to identical environments, the movements, thought patterns.. virtually any characteristic or behaviour pattern of the twins would be identical. If the DNA, 'blueprints for life', is identical, any differences in the characteristics or behaviours of the twins can only be accounted for by different environmental conditions. Now, this could only be possible under PERFECT conditions and, suffice to say, the level of technology at this point, or likely at any point in the near or distant future, would not allow for this theory to be proven or disproved. I'm talking about such perfect conditions that the twins would have to be seperated as the matter of which side (right or left) each twin was on could make a significant difference. I'm talking about 100% identical chemical environments, not one different particle or different location of that particle from one environment to the other. Polar magnetic fields, distance from the Sun, temperature, location on the Earth (the affects of the Earth's rotation), food type and amount ingested, any activity around each twin...etc... must be identical or it would upset the results. As you can see, this is a pretty far-fetched theory.. and it's obvious that I have too much time on my hands to be thinking about crazy, pointless shit like this... but there you have it: The Twin Theory.
Well, I'm off to go waste my life thinking of more insane theories for you to scoff at... have a great day.


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