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Bring on the Paxil

Well, I guess you all heard about (or were at) the party. Party of the year seems to be the general comment... unfortunately my mom doesn't agree. I came home to my dad's from the Leafs skills competition today to find my shit on the front porch. I can't say that I'm surprised, my mom doesn't tend to take this sort of thing very well (5 holes in the walls of my house.. not to mention the horrible golfers in the loft). Oh well, I left a cheque to pay for the damages.. she will be over it in a few weeks. I'm not worrying about it.
In other news.. I havent studied at all for math yet. Gotta get on that pretty soon if I'm planning on beating out those two bastards (Tamara and Stephens) for top mark. I have no hope in hell of finishing the two cheat sheets for chem and bio in time.. but thats ok.. maybe if i dont sleep..
Yeah, I guess thats my cue to go study..


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