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Keepin' em peeled

My sleeping habits are fucked.. I'm fucked. I want to sleep all the time during the day, and have been going to bed before 9 each night.. but lately I haven't been up for it. I am tired, and I could go to sleep if i wanted to.. but there is no desire to go to bed. I feel like I have to be doing something right now, but I don't know what.. thus the blogging session. Ahh.. I'm so up and down. Half the time I'm constantly hungry, or tired, or i just want to relax. The other half I can't eat at all, and I feel all fidgity like I have to be doing something. When I'm at school, I'm alright.. but when I'm by myself, I get really depressed. I don't know if I am going to laugh or cry and I end up doing neither.. Well, I'll say it again: I'm fucked.

Today was fun scuba diving. It was weird.. but cool.

The family meeting went a lot better than I expected. My Dad apologized for disappearing and threatening to kick me out. The only other thing he said about the recent developments was that no one is going to move out and no one is going to move in at least until we are gone to university. Little consolation.. but I've decided its best to leave it where it is for now. The rest of the meeting was just about keeping the house clean. Typical.

It's wednesday. Is it just me, or is this week dragging by? Last week went by in a flash.

Well.. I want to keep writing but I'm out of things to say. I'll be pissed at myself in the morning if I don't go to bed so.. off I go. Have a good one.


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