Full Circle



I hate Mondays.

It has been brought to my attention that it is time to blog. So here goes:

Well, I got my stitches out today. It was surprisingly painless. In case the words going through your head resemble the following: "STITCHES?? WHAT FUCKING STITCHES?!!" , well.. I smoked my head off the side of the pool at the OAP end-of-the-year party.. and consequently needed two stitches. It was pretty weird cuz I didn't feel any pain at all except for the freezing needle (which tore my gash open even wider when she shoved it into my head for the 3rd time).. I didn't even know I was bleeding or where it was coming from until it was pointed out to me. I must have been in shock or something. Once again, Jasmine came to my rescue.. she always saves me :). I also heard stories of Dan's heroics.. though I couldn't quite recall myself. Anyway, thanks to those who helped out! Luckily the entire class had been trained in first aid, and I recieved many shouts of advice.

Work has been interesting lately. I have been training new people.. its like watching a train wreck and not being able to do anything about it. They are horrible.. but I was probably as bad when I started too.. so I must show compassion. I have also been working non-stop.. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. I suppose I should be happy since my bank account contains little more than 4 dollars at present.. my weekend habits being responsible for the dwindling funds. Its all about having a good time, I say.

Anywho, Aime is on her way over and I'm still in full uniform (Independent style), so I am off.