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Last day :(

So today is my last full day in Virginia. My plane leaves tomorrow at 3ish. Today is also Rich's 24th birthday... so I'm both sad and excited. Not that I'm not excited to come home and see everyone, and to go off to school on Sunday... it's just hard to concentrate on that over this feeling of drowning I'm currently experiencing.
Right now I'm waiting for the cable guy to come... Rich is fed up with Vorizon and so he's getting Comcast. My bags are partially packed. I still have to do some laundry before I can finish. Then I get to fly home, unpack my stuff from the summer and unpack my things from the move (which I understand will be very difficult, as all my boxes are supposedly buried in a heap of other random boxes which were placed in my wreck of a new room after the garage got full), then re-pack up everything I'll need for school. I also have to do some shopping.. and I understand there are some dinners I'll be attending before I go. Umm.. I have to write a list.

Things I need/need to do:

-printer ink
-laundry stuff
-cleaning stuff
-pots and pans and all that stuff
-bed stuff
-get my fridge from Mom
-decide which clothes are worthy, and buy what I'm missing
-try to find time to visit friends... hopefully something will be going on
-figure out where I'm getting my booze from (I want beer... hard liquor will be dangerous during frosh week, I expect)

ummmm.. k, thats all I can think of right now... I'm sure I'll edit more in later.

I called T last night and had a good chat. She caught me up on the
Schmidt Family News (if you can call it news) :
So I hear my dad has gone on a spending rampage. His recent large purchases include a 50-inch LCD TV, a van, a portable dishwasher (yeah... what the fuck?!), $1000 dollars worth of curtains for the new house (and might I point out that he got curtains for all of the rooms except mine?), and a fucking HOT TUB. There's seriously something wrong with him. I guess Bobby yelled at him... to no avail.
Oh.. and I'll elaborate on my 'wreck of a new room'. Well, the room that I picked out in the new house (a nice room, I'll add) got stolen by Bobby... which is bullshit. I get fucked over just because I'm not there right now. I'm sure Bobby will not be home any more than I will be in the future... but whatever. ANYWAY, that would be totally liveable if I was given a decent replacement. My new room is in the basement. It has no door (and aparently no curtains?). It's full of bugs. It's full of boxes ("a person could barely fit in it right now", says T). It is my understanding that this room was previously used to house an array of small pets. Fan-fucking-tastic. Oh.. and my awesome bunkbed won't fit in the house. Isn't that lovely? Not that I'd want to sleep on it ever again... both mattresses have been soiled in my absence. "How?" you ask. I'll spare you the details except to say that 2 of the worst things that can ever happen to 2 mattresses have indeed happened. So... I have no bed. Ah well... T invited me to share her room for the 3 nights I'll be there... which I think will be good for me. I miss the 'sleepovers' with my sister.
I hear Dad is being just as negligent as ever... always with the girlfriend. I guess not much has changed there. Why do I get this sick feeling when I think about being reunited with my family?
Oh.. and T said there is a surprise for me when I get home. She told me that it's a 'stupid little thing' but that it will change lives. Something (or someone) is going to be living with us; 'it' is a 'him', and 'he' is not T's boyfriend nor an exchange student. She said we will be affected for 15 years. They already got a new dog (and Dad hates it)... so it couldn't be that. She also told me that she *might* bring him on the way up to get me from the airport tomorrow. Fuck.. I hate saying tomorrow. Is it really tomorrow? Fuck.. yep, tomorrow. Anyway, I have no clue what this surprise could be... I guessed a fish.

Well I think that's good enough for today... an adequate glimpse at what I have to look forward to going home to tomorrow.


Anonymous Mom said...

Hi Leah
This is your Mom (does it sound like the voice of terror?) I hope you are aware that your resistance to booze is diminished so now you may be "a cheap drunk" like your mom and sister. I know you are upset with your lack of space at dad's but more importantly you will be making your space at Mac's which you have been looking forward to for so long! I know some parents that claim the child's room to make it into a "TV" room the day after they leave. At least in the future, you will have your room to yourself at dad's. I am so looking forward to you coming home.
My schmeebee.


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