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Hail Canada! *Thinks he might hear a bird in the distance*

Hockey! *Loud Cheering...*

Beer! *Even Louder Cheering...*

HOCKEY and BEER!! *Nuclear Bomb Goes OFF!!*

Heh, not eh =), now that I have all of your attention, it is my pleasure to announce Leah has allowed me to blog without any idea of what I might put on. I still hope she forgives me for messing up how her her stuff was arranged; I attempted to fix her last blog because the image was no good. But enough with the pleasantries, I am the mysterious boy/man whatever you prefer she spent this summer with. I doubt it's any surprise to all of you of how happy she is now, but I wanted to express how much she's made me feel over the past two months.

In the past, people considered me picky and unrealistic for what I was hunting for in a girl. I figured, how hard is it to get a sweet, smart, fun, and sexy girl that's not overly religious? About the only thing I wasn't looking for was a girl with money. For awhile in the past, I accepted what they said until I came across Leah. It took awhile for both of us to understand the other and start to feel something, but we both thought fairly from the start (online that is) that there was something unique and special with the other. So we talked...a lot. So much, we actually thought we had talked an entire year more than we actually did before anything remotely physical occurred. And now that we're here, I wouldn't want one bit of anything we've had to be any different. Everything fell into place the way it had to be, I was too old (we both shyed away from this for sometime), she was too cynical, and we both knew the strain it would cause should anything happen.

But as everyone knows, things did work out..better than either of us could ever imagine, or could ever even want out of life. We've cried more than one could keep track of, her at least much more than me, but still, I'm the guy right? I held off as best as I could yesterday and today being our last moments together to help keep it easier for her. And I did great, all up until I came home tonight, the first time in almost eight weeks to quiet apartment. An apartment without muffins being cooked, my sweetie surprising me with something she had been scheming all day, or even her resting from wearing herself out during the day to me waking her up with a kiss. Instead I had her journal she had been keeping all summer for me. I didn't get past the second entry before the tears were making it hard to read. I think it was mainly her first entry because she was crying at the time and it got worse as the writing went on..so bad she even made a side note herself saying how she was messing up the page with the ink and tears.

Eh, but no more sadness, because we're happy, just wishing we didn't have to be apart. I'll be visiting her for a couple days in two weeks from now..and I can't wait..and I know she can't either. All summer, any activity we did together was great, and I know what a lot of you are thinking (especially Deanna and the guys), but no, the clean aspect. The actual relationship portion, where the most you'd do is kiss and hold hands, the rest is what you say with your mouth and what activity you happen to be doing (i.e. cooking/baking, swimming, walking, watching a movie, playing a game -- typically cards but I got her to play worms 3d a few times, and being able to both meet each other somewhere in the middle in terms of habits)...I've always been hard on myself and defaulted to doing the "right thing" and she's been more of the "who cares." I'm still more towards the "good side" and her the "dark side", but both have made a huge amount of progress in trying to enjoy the benefits of both lifestyles. I think what we have now is perfect because we do like to joke/fun fight. I let her win often, but she lets me too...something I should be keeping track of, I have no idea who's winning, but I know who she'd say if you asked her!

But I must eat something seeing as I went into work later today and still was there for 9.5 hrs plus the 1 hr total commute. In the meantime, I leave you with a couple pictures I took of us this morning before I left and my request to have fun with my sweetie, but keep her safe for me. Thank you for letting me steal her away for the summer and be sure to give her lots of hugs.


Anonymous jasmine said...

Rich kinda looks like ethan hawke...

Anonymous Leah said...

Heh.. I dunno about Ethan Hawke..

Yes, it's true... we're happy as hell together. And yes... I am now one of those girls who always seems to be on the phone with her long distance boyfriend. I can't help it, though... it's the only thing that can keep the distance between us from burning a hole in me. I love Rich a lot... and the thought of going through years of school before we'll be together (living together) on any kind of permanent basis is overwhelming. To be honest, I try not to think about it. For now, all I can concentrate on is how happy I am with him and on waiting the 2-3 weeks between visits.

Anyway.. enough gushy stuff for the comment section...


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