Full Circle



That reminds me...

Okay. So in the shower I had the stunning realization that I have an old blog I haven’t looked at in years… so I thought today would be a good day to peruse through… the old life. It has been purged, for the most part. I am basking in the better-ness of my new life… but I occasionally feel the urge to take a peek back into the black muck that was my high school existence (not to sound too cliché-ish or anything). The problem with the muck is that its… well.. a little muddled. Blurry. The crisp details have long since wilted away. So this blog is perfect… lets me look directly back into the concerns and happenings of that writhing spiders’ nest that was my mind some years ago. Well, I suppose there're enough metaphors for now (eat it, Sean Penn). I haven't actually looked at the blog yet. I'll do that now and get back to you (maybe).


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