Full Circle




i worked today from 10:15 to 2:15.. not bad, only 4 hours... but its the 5th day in a row i've worked... anyways, then i went to the mall with aime.. picked up some kool stuff, got my 1st frappachino ever, then we went to see 'pirates of the carribean'.. which was AMAZING! one of my faves now... amazing effects, amazing acting, amazing writing, amazing ideas, amazing detail, amazing everything! very kool movie! listenin 2 my new clash cd, wearing my new BR t shirt, new dickies, and new belt... lotsa new shit... i also got a new afi 'art of drowning' t shirt from the paki stand as well. im pretty excited for hils, even tho a lot of ppl cant go.. but we will make it fun!
as for the code crap that only a few ppl know wat im talking about: well, i guess its safe to say that operation switcheroo is off... and operation mr.elton... but operation toe jam is lookin good so far. mission x is on its way. mission keep sex anal (its just a code name, ppl. dont take me litteraly here).. its only just begun.
good times.. well i cant think of anything else.. so i guess thats it for now


It's been awhile..

well, i havent written in a LONG time.. since the concert.. so i guess i have to keep my fans happy and here i am. Nothing too exciting has been going on... my gals know what i'm talkin about when i say the original plan didnt work out.. so now its on to operation "switcheroo" after we gained some very interestiing intelligence. umm.. nothing is going on... me and t are taking a late-night trip tonight.. dunno where yet but it will be at like 2am. Whats open at 2am? Timmy Ho's, pizza pizza, A&P, subway by rogers... meh, we will find somethin. anywho.. keep postin shit in my calendar... and i guess im out for now