Full Circle



Hell in a Handbasket

Wow.. its been quite some time. A lot of shit has gone down since the last blog. Too much shit. I will try and cover it all, but this is gonna be one mother of a long blog. Where did I leave off? Oh yes.. the party. Well you all must know by now that I have been disowned. I'm not talking kicked-out-of-the-house-but-you-can-come-back-after-I-cool-off-about-the-party disowned. I'm talking legal papers and all. Yes folks.. I have been legally disowned. But you knew that anyway.
In other Leah news, my grades have started to slip.. I guess I just haven't been motivated enough to do my work.. at all... ever. I've been thinking for awhile that I was or am severely depressed.. even contemplated anti-depressants. I just kindof shut myself down; no feelings (good or bad), no emotion, no expression.. just a shell. Not the way to live.. but I think I'm starting to come out of it. I'm trying like hell anyway. Every day is a constant stuggle to start experiencing life again.. it's hard to change what has become habit.
Now to a lighter subject. Something wonderful has happened... something amazing and fantastic that I am ashamed to admit I actually stopped believing would ever happen. Brace yourself folks.. this news is Earth-shattering. Hold onto your chairs cuz you will be blown right out of them! ... Drumroll... And now, ahem, without further adieu (??).. the announcement : My father has decided to leave the turtle! Yes.. you heard me.. read me?? Franklin, step bitch from hell, Jamey.. is out of the picture!! BAM! Its Christmas in Kilarney ladies and gents! I guess he finally saw the light.. realized that we weren't hating her due only to the evil-step-parent syndrome. She was controlling the fuck out of him.. insecure bitch.. wouldn't even let him spend time with his daughters without giving a hissy fit. So that was the last straw and the turtle has been bitch slapped away from our lives forever more.
Naturally, this comes with certain consequences.. we have to sell the house in order to pay her half the equity (which her lazy, non-working ass paid less than a cent for) and get her out of our lives for good. So we will be moving into an apartment for awhile until we figure out what we are doing. Figure out what we are doing?! "What the fuck is there to figure out?" you ask? See section C3 next blog for the exciting article! Think this blog was full of crazy shit? You havent seen anything yet..