Full Circle




Alright... I spose I should start off this blog with the typical reference to how many hundreds of years its been since the last blog... umm.. but fuck it (I guess in reality, it's already done... darn).

A side note: Don't you hate it when MSN informs you that you have just received an email from some random person with whom you have an obscure relationship at best [how the hell do I know this person?] and who you have not spoken to in either a very long time or ever at all... knowing it's a stupid forward or one of those "inform your friends and receive 'x' amount of bonus points"... all the while thinking "harass the people whose email addresses you somehow have gotten your grubby hands on with this annoying piece of internet garbage while we dangle a meaningless price over your gullible head"? Yeah.. me too. But somehow I can't help but be annoyed with fucking Windows Livemail for not letting me retrieve that piece of internet garbage. Okay... 'Report the problem to Microsoft'.... oh joy: 'We are unable to report this error to Microsoft.' If it weren't for that goddamn extra storage space... #%$@&!

Anyway... I guess you should all be happy to learn that I have found I am capable of pessimism without being a smoking alcoholic pot-head who hates the world. That's right.. I don't hate the world.. just a good chunk of the people and processes within it. Plenty of bitching material there.

So then... to bring everybody up to speed: Here I am in Virginia.. living with the legendary 'Stars and Stripes' (So dubbed by none other than good ol Kaylee Morse... that name should ring a few bells). It's a quiet life here, despite being so close to the capitol in a city with raging traffic and hordes of excruciatingly impatient people. Well... no drugs or smoking (though, somewhat ironically, the smoking age is only 18 here with a drinking age of 21.. but underagedness has never been a problem anyway) and there's certainly less alcohol activity here for me than in the T-town. Without a working visa and not enough guts to go commit an international incident, my days are pretty long and free. Mr. Stripes works 4-5 10 hour days a week in order to bring home the bacon for the freeloading Canadian... and that doesn't include the 30 minute commute each way. So how do I fill the time? Well, I usually sleep as long as I possibly can (really.. it becomes an effort at times) then go for a quick run (I'm actually astounded by my religious commitment to this one). The rest of the day is really up for grabs. Reading, cooking, dicking around on the net... those are pretty common. Of course I have a swimming pool and a gym at my disposal. There's painting, and drawing, and walking, and cleaning... and now this. Of course, I could do something more charitable with my time... but I've found that it's common for these Americans to ignore that Canadian who just wants to volunteer her time and help out. Oh well.. can't say I didn't try.