Full Circle



Best Sick Day EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow... where to start?... This is gonna be one long Mo Fo of a blog, so sit tight and get comfy if u plan on reading it all...

Well, on Monday my Dad is like "Hey, you wanna go to the Stones Concert?" I'm like "OK..." then "Shit, I have to work that day"... so what did I do? Called in sick of course!! (shh, dont tell my boss!) I wasn't about to miss out on a piece of history like this!
Ok, so we left at like 8:00 (My bro & sis, Dad, Jamie, and Bob's friend John and me). We got there around 10 (parked at the cop shop nearby the concert area, courtesy my Dad's contacts.. hehe) and walked to the entrance. The security was shit.. well, good for the ppl going to the concert cuz all they did was run a metal detector around you... and booze and weed doesn't beep... so there was plenty of weed at the concert (I didn't have any tho). And we got all our food in.. so it was good. So we walked the 1/4 mile to the stage area and set up camp like 150 meters away.. we could see the stage ok, but meh.. still far. So me and T decide to go "exploring" (a pre-planned get-away from the Roger's family) before the acts came up (it was around 10:30). We were told to be back by 11.
We decided to see how close to the stage we could get.. and somehow ended up 3 ppl from the front barricade!! Then the band started playing.. and we decided "Fuck coming back!".. this is the largest ticketed concert in the history of mankind, and we were at the fucking front!! So I asked the nearest person to borrow their cell phone (we didn't bring ANYTHING with us.. not even a camera :( ) and i paged my Dad, with a shitty signal, saying "hey dad, its lee, we are at the front, so I'll see you in a few hours". Well.. we stayed there for 10 hours straight.
Some crappy bands came on.. nothing special.. and me and T were DYING of thirst ($3 a bottle for water.. and we didn't even have pockets.. much less money). But eventually they started giving out water for free (though you had to fight for it) and spraying the hose (everyone got all slimy and gross.. but we weren't being cooked anymore.. so it was good). HOLY SHIT was it crowded (what can you expect when you are in front of 1/2 million ppl?). At some points it was hard to breathe, and you were either stepping on empty water bottles or ppl's feet... or both. It was such a battle to stay where we were.. but somewhere in there we moved up to 2nd row. The ppl around us were pretty nice.. except some old bastard who kept elbowing me..
Justin Timberlake... my oh my... I think they let him come to the concert just so that we could have an intermission and have a hell of a great time booing the fag. His band was on stage and looking petrified when the multitudes of people all gathered in one gianormous boo at the announcement of Timberlake's coming. One guy held up a sign reading "TIMBERLAKE'S A FAG!" and it got on the jumbotron. That started the chanting: "JUSTIN'S A FAG! JUSTIN'S A FAG!". I don't know how he got the gull to come on stage.. he just didn't belong at a rock concert with those kinds of fans. But it was all good fun! When he got on stage, hordes of water bottles bombarded him and his band.. he had to be constantly alert and ducking out of the way during his entire performance. I dont know how ppl in a crowd so tight can have such great aim.. but they did. A few guys got hit in the head, and Timberlake almost did.. if he hadnt ducked. People were screaming death threats (especially this one insane-criminal looking guy, "I'M GONNA KILL YOU, YA COCK SUCKA!", right behind us. He even threatened the press with their untimely deaths), and the crowd became a sea of middle fingers. His first song was "Cry me a river", to which I replied screaming "CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER, DIPSHIT!" The camera's didn't touch on the "fans" too much during this portion of the concert.. and Timberlake's music remained constant so as to drown out the booing. He was actually advised to leave the stage.. but the fag refused. He should have been booed off stage.. but he was too stubborn to leave.
Around 6:30, the REAL concert got going with Guess Who. That's when the crowd got crazy.. but we held our ground.. and by the middle of Rush, T and I were FRONT ROW BABY!!!!!! Wow... it was the greatest thing EVER! And when AC/DC came on.. my god, i could have died! I couldn't stop smiling, and my arm got sore from pumping the fist. AC/DC stole the show.. no doubt. Man.. what a great performance.. what a great band.. I can't describe the feeling.. you just.. feel their music and energy. Angus was great, what with his eternal solos and his Canadian flag boxers! Brian Jonson.. lord.. what a vocal genious! I swear he looked at me.. he came right in front of me, and i was the only person pumping m y fist like mad. I thought he looked at me, so i smiled, and he smiled back.. then pointed at me. I don't want to sound like one of those jackasses "OH MY GOD, HE LOOKED AT ME!", but I'm pretty sure he did. Man.. they played such great songs... Hell's Bells, TNT (during which my Dad saw me on the jumbotron, so he was relieved to know where we were), Thunderstruck (my fave, phenominal) to name a few. Then almost at the end of their act, a security guard was reaching over us to pull down a body-surfer, when i guess he knocked T in the nose and she started bleeding. It wasn't bad, and she wanted to stay (FRONT ROW AT THE LARGEST TICKETED CONCERT IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND WATCHING AC-FUCKING-DC AFTER 10 HOURS OF BEING IN THE CROWD [that means no eating, no pissing, no resting, drinking only what you can grab, and putting up with the horrific BO and sweat of everyone around you]), but apparently it was 'bad for the cameras', so we were yanked out. It was so tight in there that i could't get my foot out and my shoe came off, but the nice mexican guy behind me (who swore at Timberlake in Spanish... very cool!) got it for me. The security rushed me so much that i didnt have time to put it back on, and had to follow T to the medical building with one shoe on. Her nose-bleed lasted for maybe 2 minutes max., and all they gave her was a kleenex. Front row wasted for that... I was right pissed!
But all's well, cause the Stones (watched on the jumbotron) paled in comparison to AC/DC, so we saw the REAL show. It took us over an hour to find my Dad anyway, so it would have been mayhem had we stayed till then end. I didn't realize how many people 1/2 million really was till we tried to find my Dad. We must have been within 20 meters of my Dad.. but we couldn't see shit-all cause of all the ppl. So we walked ALL THE WAY to the entrance to call my dad on the pay phones, then ALL THE WAY back to meet him at the porta-potties. On the way to them, we saw seas of ppl walking out of the concert, and thought it was over.. but there were plenty of ppl left to make finding the john's hell. We finally got there, stayed for a few songs, got some munch and walked back to the car. We got there around 11:30, and got home at about 2:00 am.. and I had to work the next day at 9:00 am.. it sucked.. but was WELL worth it. Anywho, my sis is booting me, so i'll edit this later and finish up on the details!


Bladin' Beauties

Well, Lloyd and I were bladin' tonight for about an hour and a half after watching Johnny English (shittiest movie ever) in Belleville. Bladin' was pretty good, we saw Jazz and chatted her up for a bit. At the movie, Lloyd dropped her drink.. that was the funniest part of the excursion.. except maybe the old man in the back coughing... Now I'm at her place waitin for someone cool to come on.. just chillin out and watching tv.. good times. Im probably going to the mall with Aime tomorrow.. was supposed to today but T didn't tell me to call Aime back till like 5 hours after she called... so we rescheduled. It should be good cuz i actually have miney to spend now. Nothin else really going on... I guess I'll blog again later on.


Ex-nay on the Bush Partay-ay

Looks like there isn't gonne be a bush party due to lack of time to organize... but thats ok, i can just have a good time with Aime and possibly Lloyd tonight (don't get any sick ideas, folks). Gotta go to work soon... ciao!


Bush Party!

Hmmm, well folks, the results are in... no house party allowed... so what does this mean? BUSH PARTY at Hannah of course! It's all happening Friday (tomorrow), so be there or be square. Other than that, today is pretty quiet. Hangin with Aime tonight.. no clue what we are doin yet. Maybe goin to Lloyd's, who knows? Man, I'm bored... no one cool is on MSN...


Well well... it's 5:46 AM


As you have probably already gathered, it's 5:46 AM.. well, now it's 5:47 AM. You may be wondering why I am up at such an hour. Well... I just woke up and I can't get back to sleep (actually, I can but I won't let myself because I know i will wake up late if I do, cuz im too lazy to find an alarm clock. Also, I'm surprisingly not tired after only about 3 hours of sleep). I work sometime today... but I can't remember when I start cuz I'm at my Dad's house and my schedule is at home. I'm far too lazy to walk all the way there to check it, so I am waiting till a reasonable hour to wake my Dad up to drive me (without waiting past the time when I could be should be going to work). So this is my predicament...
Anyways.. kinda left you hanging before with that last blog. I guess I should really fill you ina bout what has happened between now and then. But It's early and I don't want to... so I guess I can just give you the short version. Well, I got the job at Independant, as you probably know. My Mom is moving, but to some house that sounds kickass for future parties in the boonies around Brighton (so I can live there when I get sick of living here at my Dad's and still get a bus in to school). She gets the house on Sept.12th. Went to a few of Britt's parties since the last blog.. both of which were wicked. I'm not even going to try to remember all that happened there, but I assure you they were great fun. Oh yeah, how could i forget camping with Aime, Lloyd and Ray? Hahaha, good times. That was Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week. Man, it was great, my tarp was the best (and it came in handy when the thunder and lightening downpour began... and you guys thought I was an idiot..geeze). The the 'hot' guys in "the hole", that's a whole long story that I am way to lazy to write, but my girls know what I'm talking about (eh 'GAP' and 'tropical'? This is comin from 'red shorts'). Oh yeah, I think my and Lloyd saw 'whitey' drive by us the other day... but I'm not sure...
Hmmm... what else can I tell you about.. now it's 6:02 AM.. I can wake Dad up at 7 i guess.. cause I could start work at 8. What else did I do lately... hmm me and Lloyd saw Bad Boys 2.. our prayers were answered (sort of) that day b4 the movie (insider), but not 'cause it was a great show or anything..it was long and repetative.. but what can you do? When the movie is 2 1/2 hours long, they are bound to run out of material.
I'm writing on the new computer my Dad finally got. No more dial-up either. My Dad found out that they do get high-speed in the area after all, but it's on cable... so that's what I got, baby. Oh yeah, that reminds me.. I'm asking my Dad for a party this week.. well technically I asked him when I can have my next one. I'm not so sure it's gonna happen this week, kiddies, 'cause my Dad said "We have to talk about it" which usually means "Jamie has to tell me what to do". And in light of a current theivery situation, involving some of T's scumbag friends taking a necklace of Jamie's while they were away, I think she may be hesitant to let a bunch of drunken teenagers in the house (even if they are my innocent [in this case]) friends. I could be wrong though.. she IS quite eager to gain my approval and I have been sucking up massive (eww, don't even think about going literal here...). So we'll see, children, be patient. But my prediction is sometime next week.
Gotta waste more time.. maybe I'll try to figure out how to change the look of my blog..haven't gotten around to that yet.
Well, I'll write later on, kiddies. Ta ta for now!


blogeddy blog

Well well.. the party was ok i guess. From what i can remember, aime, looyd, clare, britt, curtis, eric, mike amodeo mat, maurico and jazz came. My mom also made an appearance... gotta go, type more later



I have soo much to write about... so im just gonna make it short

Wonderland was wicked, we went on the bungee thing and the go carts were really fun.
The AFI concert was SOOO amazing.. i can't even say how awesome it was. Lloyd couldnt go, but me and aime got to the very front (by fighting our way through the mosh pit and shoving ppl away). We were like a meter away from AFI, it was amazing! And the lead guitar guy pointed at aime.. which was awesome! But the highlight for me was when i punched a girl in the face and told her to fuck off cuz she was climbing on top of Aime and trampling her. It was crazy, we had to fight off so many ppl but it was well worth it. And the few coolers in each of us helped a bit in the nerve department.

Now to the bad news...
My mom sold her house today, i just found out. I just can't have a good time without being bitten in the ass, can i? I guess this means I will be living with my dad.. cuz i can't leave all of my friends here... but it's gonna suck cuz i've had my mom all my life, 16 years.. and now she will be gone in september. I can't feel at home anywhere else but where she is, cuz she's always been there for me. And now i have to put up with my dad and franklin 24/7. So, i'm probably gonna become one of those messed up kids.. but thats ok. I just hope it doesnt screw up my life TOO much.

In light of these new-found frustrations (combined with the fact that my dad will be gone all weekend), i have decided to be a bad seed and have a house party with my sis tonight. So hopefully ppl can come, and not puke everywhere, and hopefully the cops don't bust it. But it should be fun... my ppl can help me let out my tension.

Anyways, i guess that's about it for now.



Cool , so this is the first REAL blog (that other one didn't count, but i thought i'd keep it there just for the record). I just got in from a run... finally got off my lazy lard. But it was a short run.. so I'm not happy. Played soccer today against the weeds and won (yipee!).
Not a lot going on right now.. pretty excited for Jazz's place tomorrow (i guess it's today now). Even more excited for Wonderland with Aime on Wed. and AFI concert with her on Thurs. Lotsa fun stuff coming up. Plus Canada Day tomorrow (or today).. probably spend the day with Lloyd cuz Aime's working. Ooo yeah, speaking of work, i have a job interview for Independant on Saturday! I dunno if i will get it.. that lady sounded pissed when i had to reschedule the interview cuz of the concert on Thurs... but thats okay. If I get it, i can get my motorbike soon!!
Yesh, ladies and gents... Leah Schmidt wants a motorbike, so DON'T steal my plan!! But here's why i want one:

1. They are cheaper to buy, run, and insure.

2. I can get my M1 and M2 before i'll ever get my G1 at this rate... (still havent gotten it.. this is getting ridiculous!!) You can be riding with your M2 within 60-90 days, and riding temporarily as soon as you take the written test, which is amazing!

3. They are SO cool!! And i can hang with the old biker dudes at Timmy Ho's!
(jk about that part.... well... you never know... )

So yeah, it's gonna be amazing!! If i see any of you punks on a bike and stealing my idea... i'm gonna have to pummel you... But now i'm looking for a bike to buy... assuming i get a job soon.
I'm still taking meds for my sickness (pennecillin or whatever for some throat thing.. i think it was strep). Hmm.. besides that.. life is pretty boring. Had a family reunion.. good times... not. The best part was whipping the pants off my relatives (figuratively.. eww) in the games with T. Yep.. my family reunion had games... even prizes. Oh, the other best part was when the little shits couldn't break the piniata.. so i got called in there, blew the thing away, and fed the children their candy.. it was my great moment.
Speaking of parties, my dad told me i can have another one this summer.. i'm not sure when the best time would be yet.. but i guess i can figure that out later.
Anywho.. this is getting to be quite long... and i haven't even touched on all of my psychological issues yet!! i guess that will have to wait until some later, very interesting, blog. Until then, stay tuned! (who the hell am i talking to? no one even knows i have a blog yet... maybe someone out there knows... i guess i better keep it interesting just in case... i should stop talking to myself now, even though i am only really writing this for myself.. okay *smack* thats enough, save the schitzo for the phsychological issue).

Ta ta